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Research Infrastructure for Industrial Biotechnology

IBISBA-IT serves as the Italian Node of the European Research Infrastructure IBISBA, playing a distinct role across four key domains: Synthetic Biology, Green Chemistry, Sustainable Bioenergy, and Functional Food.

IBISBA-IT contributes to the overarching goals of IBISBA by bolstering the Italian scientific research in Industrial Biotechnology, supporting national and local authorities, and fostering training and educational initiatives.

Driving the Italian Excellence
in Industrial Biotechnology

Our mission is to develop new molecules and processes through enzyme/protein discovery and engineering, and development of new biotransformations and bioprocesses. These goals will be addressed through modern and holistic approaches including ‘omics’ sciences, bioinformatics, molecular engineering, and bioreactor technologies.

We envision a world where Europe's Industrial Biotechnology drives the global circular bioeconomy transition

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