Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - CNR | ISA

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - CNR | ISA

Design and development of optical protein biosensors for continuous monitoring of analytes during industrial processes. Production of customised antibodies also covalently derivatized with fluorescence and/or absorption probes

Area of Research

Our main research interest is on understanding the rules underlying the folding of proteins and how their structure is modified by the interaction with other proteins, nucleic acids and small ligand molecules. To approach these issues, we use to develop new, advanced optical methodologies.
The main focus is to develop and apply advanced luminescence methodologies and optical measurements to solve questions of biochemical and medical interests.
In particular, our interests are focused on the study at a molecular level of the interactions involving proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids as well as small ligand molecules for contributing to shed light to the fields of proteomics and post-proteomics.

Area of Expertise and Main Technologies

The laboratory is active in the use of fluorescence spectroscopy to quantify structural features of biological molecules even at nano-scale. This capability in biophysical methodologies together with expertise in protein biochemistry, molecular genetics and microbiology allows the research team to challenge cutting-edge biochemical questions as well as to rapidly answer to biotechnological requests from SMEs.

Key Organisms

E. coli for production of recombinant proteins and enzymes.

Industrial Application

Study of molecular interactions at single molecule level.

Industrial Sector

  • Biomedical & Biological


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